Next Stage Asia Co., Ltd. is a recruitment agency that supports highly-skilled foreign nationals and bilingual Japanese nationalities.

Benefits of job hunting using NSA services
■ Job information specializing in jobs for foreigners and bilinguals!

■ You can also get employment support in your home country!
We take Japanese companies overseas and hold "overseas recruitment interviews" in Asian countries. Currently, we hold many overseas recruitment interviews in Vietnam and Myanmar.
In addition, there are many jobs that can be interviewed only on the WEB.
You can find a job in Japan in your home country without having to come to Japan.

■ You can get detailed follow-up for job hunting for free!
Next Stage Asia has a professional coordinator for job hunting in Japan. We provide individual support for everything from job hunting concerns to interview preparation.

■ Register and connect with your coordinator!
Next Stage Asia's employment coordinator will be in charge. It is very advantageous to be able to consult about any job hunting activities in Japan.

■ Full support such as VISA
The problem of foreign nationals is the status of residence (VISA), but we also provide application consulting. Please be assured that we can also help you find a place to live.


Employment Agency


1. Consulting services related to recruitment of human resources
2. Status of residence application consulting
3. Paid employment placement business

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