Saachi Partners Co., Ltd.

Employment Agency

We jump right in. Embrace the change.
We evolve.

We are always excited to meet with recruiters who share our values.
We are seeking disruptors and curious professionals who want more autonomy and possibilities.
We invest in our people and culture, to create an innovative purpose-driven company.

As cliché as it may sound, recruitment is all about people and relationships. If you enjoy building a relationship based on transparency, listening and really trying to understand the other person’s point of view and situation, then recruitment could be a natural fit for you. Through these interactions, you will build rapport, in turn, build trust and with results will have a long term partnership.
Saachi is not a transaction focused firm, we think about the long game, invest our time and resources to ensure successful results.
What makes Saachi is our people.
The different personalities, diverse independent thinkers.
Believers in the power of team and open collaboration.
We are passionate about creating value; for our clients, our candidates, and our colleagues.

When an organization is focused on daily KPI quotas such as “number of scouts”, “number of introductions”, “number of placements”,it can give anyone, even the most holistic consultant, a tunnel vision.
That, in turn, restricts the innovative thought process.
We take pride in knowing our clients and candidates better than they do themselves.

In empowering the consultants to provide tailor made solutions, that best addresses our clients’ and candidates’ needs.

Providing value to all stakeholders at every contact

Give-Give, not Give-Take, because it all comes back eventually

Power of collaboration

If these principles resonate with you, let’s talk!

”Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities.


Employment Agency


Saachi Partners specialize in the placements of business critical hires with best talent in the market.

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