[Infrastructure engineer manager] at an IT company with a full internal system

Company is not publicly visible
JPY 5,500,000 - 9,000,000
Ha Noi, thu do, Viet Nam

Posted 2023-Mar-02  by HRnavi Joint Stock Company (Recruiter)

Job Description

    You will manage the IT infrastructure team that supports a global engineer team of 1000 people centered on Vietnam.

    【In particular】
    ■ Infrastructure design and construction work in system development for customers
    ・ Infrastructure design / construction
    ・ Design, construction, and operation of log collection and data analysis infrastructure
    ・ Improved fault tolerance, availability, and performance of existing systems
    ・ Design and development of various operation automation scripts
    ・ Construction of various monitoring systems, etc.
    ■ Improvement of Sun * in-house system infrastructure
    ・ Management and improvement of in-house communication tools, etc.
    ・ In-house infrastructure design and maintenance when opening a new base
    ・ Management of in-house information system department, etc.

    * Customer system: Sun * It is assumed that you will be in charge of the internal infrastructure at a ratio of approximately 7: 3.

Job Requirement

    <Required conditions>
    ■Language: Japanese native
    ■ Infrastructure construction and operation experience on the cloud
    ■ Application performance tuning work experience
    ■ Those who can sympathize with the idea of solving and automating infrastructure operations through software engineering
    ■ Those who can consider the design to balance cost and performance while satisfying the required availability
    ■ Those who can actively discover and solve problems

    <Welcome conditions>
    ■ Experience in developing and operating large-scale services
    ■ Experience in automating infrastructure operations
    ■ Experience in developing server-side applications
    ■ Experience as an operational leader

    The person you want
    ■ Those who have the ability to penetrate the team and have centripetal force
    ■ Those who are highly motivated to learn
    ■ Those who have a core in their career and can actively move based on it
    ■ Those who can sympathize with our ideas and vision
    * Educational background does not matter. Let's talk first.

Language Ability

  • English : None
  • Japanese : Native Level

Job Summary


HRnavi Joint Stock Company

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (Hardware/Network) - Project Manager

IT (Hardware/Network) - Network Engineer

IT (Hardware/Network) - Server Architect and Developer


Software (Consignment Development)


JPY 5,500,000 - 9,000,000

Other Salary Description

Annual salary: 5.5-9 million yen
* The minimum monthly salary is the minimum amount. We will consult with you based on your experience and knowledge.
* Trial period: 3 months

<Pay increase / bonus>
■ Bonus: Twice a year
■ Salary increase: At any time

■ Transportation expenses

■ Travel expenses at the time of joining the company
■ Private medical insurance
■ Health checkup once a year
■ Book purchase system
■ Free clothing
■ Dual display etc. available
■ Work at home is possible
■ All-you-can-drink Japanese sake at the investment destination
■ Free drink
■ Free breakfast
■ No smoking indoors


Asia Viet Nam Ha Noi, thu do

Working Hours

Standard working hours 10:00-19:00 (including 60 minute break)
Professional discretionary work system or flextime system (no core time)
*Determined according to job type.


■ Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
■ Year-end and New Year holidays (Lunar New Year holidays in Vietnam)
■ Childcare leave
■ Nursing care leave
■ Condolence leave
* 120 days or more of annual holidays

Job Contract Period

Full-time employment

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