System development engineer / [Metropolitan area] / [Kansai area] / [Tokai area] / Many foreign nationals are active

Company is not publicly visible
JPY 3,500,000 - 6,000,000
Tokyo, Japan

Posted 2022-Aug-04  by H&Kホールディングス株式会社 (Recruiter)

Job Description

    As an employee of our company (Persol Technology Staff), we will provide technical support at our trading clients.
    <Working client / example>
    ・ Major financial systems
    ・ Major EC site companies
    ・ Major IT service company
    ・ Major affiliate management company
    ・ Major WEB business company
    ・ Major SIer
    ・ Major general contractor
    ・ Major game companies
    ・ Major foreign-affiliated companies
    ・ Major logistics company
    ・ Major amusement machine companies
    * Many sites can work directly with end users.
    * Basically, we are planning to work at the site where TT members and staff are working.
    * 1 Some companies have 5 to 8 employees.
    <Project / Example>
    ・ Next-generation card payment system migration development (from PHP to Java)
    ⇒ Java, MySQL, Linux / Basic / detailed design-implementation-test
    ・ Gourmand word-of-mouth site development
    ⇒Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, Linux / Detailed design-operation
    ・ Curation media development
    ⇒ Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Linux, MacOS / Detailed design-implementation-test-operation
    ・ App development for iOS and Android
    ⇒ Objective-C, Java, Oracle, iOS, Android / Detailed design-implementation-test
    ・ IOS drone operation application development
    ⇒ Objective-C, Swift, MySQL, iOS / detailed design-implementation-test
    ・ WEB system development
    ⇒ PHP, JavaScript, Mac, docker, git / detailed design-implementation-evaluation
    ・ Development of a major telecommunications carrier portal site (migration from on-premises environment to AWS)
    ⇒ PHP, MySQL, Linux / Basic / detailed design-implementation
    ・ Development of in-house IoT service system
    ⇒ Linux, Windows, PHP, C #, Java, Ruby, MySQL, SQLServer, Azure / basic / detailed design-implementation-test

Job Requirement

    ■ Requirements:
    Those who have more than 3 years of development experience in the following languages
    <Experience language>
    Java, PHP, python, swift, Kotlin, etc.

    Other welcome requirements
    * If you have experience with FW for each language, you are welcome.

Language Ability

  • English : Minimum Communication Level (TOEIC 225-470)
  • Japanese : Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)

Job Summary



Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Programmer

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - BrSE/Bridge SE

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE


Software (Consignment Development)


JPY 3,500,000 - 6,000,000

Other Salary Description

Complete with social insurance
Full transportation expenses
Sports Facilities
Property Accumulation Savings System
Education and training


Asia Japan Tokyo

Asia Japan Osaka

Asia Japan Aichi

Working Hours

9:00 to 18:00 (8 hours of actual work / 1 hour of break)
* During the training, you will be working at the above hours. However, after the place of employment is decided, it will be the same as the place of employment.


Complete weekly two-day system (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Summer vacation
Winter vacation
paid holiday
Condolence leave
Childcare leave
Injury and illness leave

Job Contract Period

full-time employee

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