◆Working in Vietnam◆ [Facility designer] at a super general contractor representing Japan

Company is not publicly visible
USD 35,000 - 65,000
Ha Noi, thu do, Viet Nam

Posted 2022-Nov-11  by HRnavi Joint Stock Company (Recruiter)

Job Description

    ・Consolidate the design of building facilities (receiving and transforming, lighting outlets, air conditioning ventilation, water supply and drainage) while meeting with the client.
    ・Conduct design coordination with architectural design and structural design in the process of finalizing the design.
    ・Communicate the design details to the CAD team that draws and create drawings.
    ・Check the created drawings, explain the drawings to the customer, and complete the drawings at the time of the construction contract.
    ・Conduct design adjustments during construction after the start of construction, and complete a building that satisfies the final client requirements and design quality.

    * You will work in Vietnam as a long-term business trip (resident for a limited time).

Job Requirement

    <Required conditions>
    ・Language: Japanese native
    ・Person who has completed a specialized course in either mechanical design or electrical design
    ・Experienced facility designer with more than 10 years of experience
    ・Those who can communicate in English

    <Welcome conditions>
    ・Experienced in equipment design in Vietnam
    ・Those who have knowledge of both mechanical design and electrical design
    ・Overseas work experience
    ・Those who have qualifications such as LEED AP, LOTUS, first-class facility architect

Language Ability

  • English : Minimum Communication Level (TOEIC 225-470)
  • Japanese : Native Level

Job Summary


HRnavi Joint Stock Company

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Engineer ( Building/Construction/Equipment )

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Construction Management ( Building/Construction/Equipment/Architecture )

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Other




USD 35,000 - 65,000

Other Salary Description

Monthly salary: Gross 3000-5000USD
*Determined based on experience and ability.

<Salary increase/Bonus>
■ Salary increase: Once a year (depending on the company's performance in the previous year)
■ Bonus: None

■ Basic dependent allowance
■ Next-generation upbringing allowance

■ Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance are subscribed in [Japan side], and other overseas insurance is subscribed
■ Travel expenses when joining the company
■ Support for returning home expenses (twice a year / round trip)
■ Housing subsidy available (100,000 yen per month)


Asia Viet Nam Ha Noi, thu do

Asia Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh

Working Hours

8:00-17:30 1 hour break (12:00-13:00)


Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Vietnam

Job Contract Period

full-time employment

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