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Company is not publicly visible
USD 50,000 - 100,000
Ha Noi, thu do, Viet Nam

Posted 2023-Jan-09  by HRnavi Joint Stock Company (Recruiter)

Job Description

    You will be in charge of general work such as construction management and cost estimation related to construction projects such as Japanese factories and buildings.

    On-site construction management
    Multiplication (estimate)
    Budget control
    client negotiation
    After-sales service for customers of buildings built in-house
    Creation of materials such as internal approval documents and reports

Job Requirement

    <Required conditions>
    〇 Language: Japanese native
    〇 Those who have experience in construction industry general contractors or construction related
    〇Those who have work experience in on-site construction management, cost estimation and budget management
    〇 Those who can communicate in English at work (Official language in the company: English *There are several interpreters in the company, so it is possible to support during meetings etc.)

    <Welcome conditions>
    〇 Qualified person such as architect qualification, construction management engineer
    〇Those who are good at dealing with clients (sales, after-sales service) in the construction industry
    〇 Those who have experience working overseas (especially those who have experience working in Vietnam and are welcome to live in Vietnam)
    〇 English business level (TOEIC score holder)

Language Ability

  • English : Daily Conversation Level (TOEIC 475-730)
  • Japanese : Native Level

Job Summary


HRnavi Joint Stock Company

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Engineer ( Building/Construction/Equipment )

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Construction Management ( Building/Construction/Equipment/Architecture )

Building/Construction/Equipment/Real Estate - Other




USD 50,000 - 100,000

Other Salary Description

Monthly salary: Gross 4,000USD ~ 8,000USD
*Determined based on experience and knowledge.
*Trial period: 60 days (salary during that period is 85% of basic monthly salary)

・Communication expenses (Scheduled to supply SIM for mobile phone) *Only for business use
・Transportation expenses (or commuter car)
・ Arrangement of PPE company such as business PC, work clothes, etc.
・Provision of housing *Part of the shared housing is provided free of charge, but a housing allowance will be provided for those who wish to live elsewhere (up to 500 USD)

・ Travel expenses when arriving and returning *However, travel expenses when returning to work due to bereavement or personal injury or illness are to be borne by the individual.
・Private medical insurance *Insured after a trial period of 2 months
・Health checkup (once a year)
・Temporary return expenses (once a year) *By the person The shortest round-trip route Economy airline company will pay


Asia Viet Nam Ha Noi, thu do

Asia Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh

Working Hours

48 hours/week (according to the on-site workshop calendar)


According to the site workshop calendar

Job Contract Period

full-time employment

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