[Machine learning engineer] Medical company

Company is not publicly visible
JPY 5,000,000 Over
Tokyo, Japan

Posted 2020-Jul-27  by Pasona Tech, Inc./株式会社パソナテック (Recruiter)

Job Description

    ■ Mission
    Use AI and machine learning to improve the quality of medical care.

    ■ Responsibilities
    ・ Service development and improvement using machine learning technology
    (Applications of AI / machine learning technology in the medical field (diagnosis assistance, image diagnosis, drug discovery, etc.) and algorithms for appropriately delivering contents in various formats to medical professionals (automatic summarization of highly specialized sentences , Translation, curation)

    ■ Technical stack
    Language: Python / Ruby / Scala
    Chat tool: Slack / ChatWork
    Ticket management: JIRA
    Source code control: GitLab
    CI tool: GitLab-CI
    Infrastructure: On-premises / AWS

Job Requirement

    ■ Application conditions (required)
    ・ Expertise and practical experience in any field of machine learning, natural language processing, optimization algorithm
    ・ Read at least 60 papers (machine learning) a year, and retry 6 or more of them.
    ・ Experience developing production code in a programming language such as Python

    ■ Application conditions (if possible)
    ・ Natural language processing development experience
    ・ Image processing development experience
    ・ Recommended system development experience
    ・ Development experience of advertisement distribution optimization

Language Ability

  • English : Business Conversation Level (TOEIC 735-860)
  • Japanese : Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)

Job Summary


Pasona Tech, Inc./株式会社パソナテック

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Project Manager

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE


Software Vendor


JPY 5,000,000 Over

Other Salary Description

■ Estimated annual income
5 million yen-(depending on experience and skills)


Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Contract Period

Regular employee

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