Software Engineer (AI Team)

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Tokyo, Japan

Posted 2020-Jul-27  by Pasona Tech, Inc./株式会社パソナテック (Recruiter)

Job Description

    Software Engineer (AI Team)
    Recruitment overview
    ■ Responsible business, service
    Cross-business data utilization measures and application development utilizing machine learning
    ■ Responsibilities
    Application development for application using machine learning and application for data utilization such as data analysis
    You will be responsible for a wide range of tasks such as development of solutions.
    ・ Development of non-algorithm part of machine learning application
    ・ Design and construction of overall architecture of machine learning application
    ・ Design and construction of infrastructure such as deployment and various tests
    ・ Development and maintenance of data collection and analysis infrastructure
    ・ Challenge for new technologies
    * If you are interested, you can also engage in developing machine learning and core parts of other data utilization applications
    ■ Technical stack
    Language: Python / Ruby / JavaScript / Scala
    DB / data warehouse: MySQL / PostgreSQL / BigQuery
    Infrastructure: AWS (some on-premise)
    Web framework: RoR / Django / Flask / Play etc.
    Code management: GitLab
    CI tool: GitLab-CI
    Infrastructure construction: terraform / ansible / Docker
    Monitoring: CloudWatch / Kibana / Sentry / Datadog / NewRelic / re: dash
    Communication: Slack / JIRA / Confluence

Job Requirement

    ■ Application conditions (required)
    ・ Experience with multiple people using Git such as GitHub / GitLab
    ・ Web application development experience (Ruby, Python, Scala, etc.)
    ・ Experience in schema design using relational database
    ・ AWS construction experience and infrastructure knowledge
    ・ Practical experience of Linux / Unix OS

    ■ Application conditions (if possible)
    ・ Experience in container management by Docker
    ・ Data model design experience
    ・ Experience designing, constructing and operating data analysis infrastructure (DWH)
    ・ Experience working on automation and efficiency of operation work
    ・ New service / application launch experience
    ・ Knowledge and development experience of Web front-end technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS)

Language Ability

  • English : Business Conversation Level (TOEIC 735-860)
  • Japanese : Daily Conversation Level

Job Summary


Pasona Tech, Inc./株式会社パソナテック

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Business Application SE

IT (Mainframe) - Application SE

IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Software Architecture


Depends on experience


Asia Japan Tokyo

Job Contract Period

Regular employee

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