Software Development/Technology/Graduate of Science/N2 or higher

Company is not publicly visible
JPY 2,500,000 Over
Tokyo, Japan

Posted 2020-Jul-28  by Yume Global Co., Ltd. (Recruiter)

Job Description

    <Control system>
    Cars, aircraft, home appliances, AV equipment, optical equipment, industrial machinery, etc.
    Embedded software such as C, VC, VB and assembler in the product development of
    Software, microcomputer control/communication control system, other control system
    Responsible for overall system development, programming and part of it
    to come.

    <IT system>
    C/S system development, Web application development, network server structure
    Construction/operation/management, maintenance, etc. (Java, C, C++, C#, VB, .NET, etc.
    In charge of the object design language).

Job Requirement

    Graduates of a science/engineering (information engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, etc.) college/university (graduate school)
    ・Japanese business level
    ・Person with experience of integration, software fair development experience 2 or more

    [Welcome condition]
    -Knowledge of C language, C++, assembler, etc.
    ・SAP, Java, Cobol experience
    ・Fields such as automobiles, aircraft, home appliances, AV equipment, optical equipment, industrial machinery, etc.
    Or 3 years or more of work experience in development/programming in the IT field

Language Ability

  • English : Minimum Communication Level (TOEIC 225-470)
  • Japanese : Business Level(JLPT Level 2 or N2)

Job Summary


Yume Global Co., Ltd.

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Software Architecture

IT (Embedded Software, Control Systems) - Programmer

IT (PC, Web, Unix) - Web Application SE


Software (Consignment Development)


JPY 2,500,000 Over

Other Salary Description

210,000 yen~
[Annual income example]
・Annual income 4.39 million yen (28 years old / 6 years experience)
・Annual income 5,720,000 yen (33 years old / 11 years experience)
・Annual income: 9.5 million yen (35 years old / 13 years of experience ・Project manager)
Overtime (average 10 hours a month) ~

Bonus (year) once a year
Raise (year) once a year

Commuting allowance (full payment), overtime, midnight, holiday work, business trip allowance (full payment), regional allowance, postal allowance retirement allowance system, childcare/nursing care leave system, moving assistance, dormitory/company housing system, in-house recreation facility, selection Club (JTB benefits) available Health insurance (in-house health insurance association), welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' compensation insurance


Asia Japan Tokyo

Working Hours

8:30 to 17:30 (8 hours of actual work) (flextime system) *However, it may be changed depending on the assignment destination.


・Two days a week (Saturdays and Sundays)/holidays ・GW, summer, New Year's holidays/paid leave, condolence leave/childcare, nursing leave, etc.

Job Contract Period

Employment of regular employees

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