[Recruitment is being strengthened] Network / server engineer (maintenance / operation / monitoring, etc.) No work visa, online offer is OK!

Company is not publicly visible
JPY 3,000,000 - 3,500,000
Miyagi, Japan

Posted 2021-Jan-05  by Chengfu Corporation (Recruiter)

Job Description

    [Attractive point]
    ・ Those who do not currently have a work visa can also apply.
    ・ We will prioritize those who can join the company as soon as possible.
    ・ One or two people are in a stable hiring quota every month.
    ・ For the first selection, we can consult with you on weekday nights and Saturdays and Sundays.
    In addition to the primary selection, the secondary (final) selection can also be conducted online.
    ・ It is assumed that the selection will be completed within one month from application to informal decision.
    ・ Only those who can accept nationwide transfer can apply.
    ・ For relocation by company order, the company will bear the relocation cost based on the regulations, the company will prepare the rental company housing, and the company will bear 50% to 100% of the rent according to the regulations, up to 20,000 yen per month for 2 years. Transfer allowance will be granted.
    ・ N1 level is required.

    [Business description]
    You will be in charge of network engineer and server engineer work in a wide range of projects and fields.
    You will perform basic design, detailed design, construction, renewal, operation, testing, etc. of IT infrastructure such as network infrastructure, virtualization infrastructure, backup infrastructure, and storage.

    [Project example]
    1. Network renewal for a certain local government
    2. Infrastructure operation and maintenance for electric power companies (with construction)
    3. Windows server update for a certain energy company
    4. Corporate cloud service (migration and operation to AWS and Azure)
    5. Resident in the information system department of a major automobile manufacturer, many other projects

    [Background of recruitment]
    [Recruitment quota: 5 people by the end of the year]
    Due to strong business performance, we will increase the number of employees.

    [Career path]
    By preparing the positions of specialists, consultants and managers, the company enables career design according to the wishes of engineers. You can also challenge what you want to do from many jobs such as network, server, cloud, virtualization, and security.

Job Requirement

    ・ Those who have more than one year of experience as an IT infrastructure engineer
    (Operation maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, help desk, etc.)
    ・ Person with practical experience who wants to step up to design and construction work
    ・ Person with practical experience who wants to become a cloud engineer
    ・ Those who have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1
    ・ Those who can accept nationwide transfer

    [Welcome conditions]
    ・ Those who have an ordinary driver's license (those who are not paper drivers)
    ・ Those who have LPIC, CCNA, CCNP qualifications

    [Ideal figure]
    ・ Experience of SES and Sier
    ・ Those who can sympathize with the company's values
    ・ Those who want to live in various places in Japan

Language Ability

  • Japanese : Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)

Job Summary


Chengfu Corporation

Employment Company

Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

IT (Hardware/Network) - Network Engineer

IT (Hardware/Network) - Server and Machine Operation and Maintenance

IT (Hardware/Network) - Network Monitoring


Telecommunications/Information Services


JPY 3,000,000 - 3,500,000

Other Salary Description

Estimated annual income: 3 million yen to 3.24 million yen
Monthly salary: 245,000-300,000 yen
* Salary varies depending on experience and ability
* Monthly salary includes uniform allowance
* There is a separate provision such as family allowance.
* The above amount includes a fixed overtime allowance for 14 to 17 hours per month (flat rate of 30,000 yen per month) (an overtime allowance will be paid separately for work exceeding the fixed amount).
* The conditions described are only assumptions and may go up or down through selection.

Incentive bonus: Twice a year (paid to applicable persons according to company regulations), transportation expenses paid (upper limit: 100,000 yen)

Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, welfare pension, health insurance, qualification acquisition support / allowance, U / I turn support, defined contribution pension (401K), prenatal / postnatal / childcare / nursing care leave system, social gathering, smile mutual aid society, Kanto Joined IT software health insurance association, with childcare support


Asia Japan Miyagi

Asia Japan

Working Hours

9: 00-18: 00


[Number of annual holidays: 124 days or more]
Two days off per week (8 days or more per month * shift system), year-end and New Year holidays, condolence leave, long-term care / nursing leave, injury and illness leave
* Shift work and night shift are available depending on the participating projects.

Job Contract Period

・ Full-time employee trial period available (3 months)
Working conditions are the same as for this recruitment.

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