Fusion Systems Japan Co., Ltd./フュージョン・システムズ・ジャパン株式会社

IT Consulting

Fusion Systems is a recognized leader in IT Solutions Consulting across the Asia Pacific region. The Fusion Systems mission is to deliver valuable systems solutions by adapting and leveraging client-specific solutions, technologies, methods and cultures. We accomplish this by consistently delivering market-leading solutions and services. Our dedicated and talented consultants partner with clients to deliver measurable results, and thrive in fast-paced demanding environments.

Fusion Systems is uniquely positioned, combining the experience and maturity to offer process discipline, with the agility to adapt to unique and demanding requirements. Operating an Adaptive Project eXecution (APX) model that emphasizes collaborative process development with client working groups, professional, high quality and consistent service delivery is ensured across the whole organization.

The Fusion Systems consultant brings a deep industry knowledge-base that crisscrosses many vertical markets including Finance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Fusion Systems regional offices are conveniently located in the heart of key business districts such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Los Angeles in order to rapidly and effectively serve our clients.


IT Consulting

Head Office location



Shiro Fujita




10,000,000 yen


150 - 180

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