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Posted 2019-Nov-25  by Global Career Agent Inc. (Recruiter)

Job Description

    RF Hardware Engineers will support all aspects of RF design and project planning for wireless voice and data communications devices. Provide radio design including RF system analysis, link budget, RX/TX architecture, filter requirements/design, detailed hardware design, PCB layout supervision, and component selection. Applicant can expect to support a range of project requirements, R&D programs, and work in a multi-discipline environment.
    Design/Review RFFE which include PA Module /Tuner/Power tracker/LNA and other discrete RF products.
    Design/Review Block diagram/RF configuration/Schematic/Layout/Test result.
    Tuning the parameter and Hardware to archive the best tradeoff performance based on project requirement.
    Debugging/Solving RF issues on boards.

    Other Keywords: RFフロントエンド、アナログ、RFスイッチ、デュープレクサ、ダイプレクサ、共振器、無線周波数、高周波、パワーアンプ、SAWフィルタ、アンテナ、ワイヤレス、トランシーバー

Job Requirement

    We are looking for candidates that have experience in the design, development, and testing of the RF/analog subsystems of complex digital communications systems. Candidates must have familiarity of wireless standards and a background in the design and test of wireless products and circuitry including CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, and LTE receivers, transmitters, and synthesizers. Knowledge of GPS Receivers and Bluetooth, WIFI transceivers considered a plus. Should have experience in RF layout techniques using multi-layered FR4 PWB material. Must be a self-starter who is capable of working independently.
    Background on RF, through understand the PA and other RFFE theory which include RF matching process, key RF concept such as S-Parameter, Smith chart, max gain matching, NF, loading pull, none-linear behavior, etc.
    Knowledge of wireless communication from 2G to 5G. Experience with Qualcomm platform is a plus
    Working knowledge of Voice and data communication device, RF Front end applications, qualification and reliability requirements
    Familiar with the usage of network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, oscilloscope, etc.
    Understand the basically usage of PCB layout tools includes Cadence, Mentor.
    Experiencing of using Agilent ADS, HFSS, MATLAB to do basic simulation in circuit, EM, and system level.
    Experience on PCB level debugging which include soldering industry standard SMT component, blue wire, probe and measure the performance with different equipment;
    Experience of using QC software tools include QRCT, QPST, QXDM is a plus.

Language Ability

  • English : Business Conversation Level (TOEIC 735-860)
  • Japanese : Fluent(JLPT Level 1 or N1)

Job Summary


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Company is not publicly visible

Job Type

Electronics (Appliance/Semiconductor) - Sales Engineer/Service Engineer

Electronics (Appliance/Semiconductor) - Basic Research and Development

Electronics (Appliance/Semiconductor) - Basic Research and Development


Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Manufacturing


Depends on experience


Asia Viet Nam

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