GLOBALPOWER Inc. / 株式会社グローバルパワー


Office Location

1-10-6 Sawa building 5F(reception)・ 7F, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo


A recruitment agency specialized in matching foreign-national job seekers living in Japan to employers.

Industry Speciality

Various industries of ranging from start-ups to listed companies.

Job Type Speciality

Translator, Interpreter, International sales representative, Inbound- associated occupations, Sales clerk, Bridge job among two/many countries...etc

Introducing Examples

Listed companies (manufacturing, real-estate, travel, consulting, hotel, apparel...etc)
Multinational companies (manufacturing, hospitality services, Advertisement...etc)
Start-up, Unicorn companies (Financial, IoT, Fintech, AI, education, Web advertisement, SIer...etc)

Our Consultants

Multinational-career coordinators in the 20s-40s

Contact Policy

Within a week, we will contact you after you register with our service via Daijob.

You can find the best job via GLOBALPOWER.Inc services!

For 14 years, we have been providing quality career-matching services!

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