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Vikram J Shahani, CEO.

リクルートメントからトレーニングまで人材コンサルタントとして、10年以上にわたり、日本でクライアントに広範なサービスを提供している。日本の文化的背景に対する理解力と高い言語能力を生かし、2005 年、Shahani Associatesを設立。クライアントから求められるような人材紹介会社となるよう、クライアントとの良きビジネスパートナーシップの構築を目指している。また、Shahani Associates Ltd. 経営のほか、銀行、証券会社、アセットマネジャー、不動産、ヘッジファンドを含む銀行・金融業界向けのリクルートメントに従事。 トレーニング面では、チーム形成力強化トレーニング、コミュニケーション・イニシアチブ・トレーニング等で、多業種・多企業から強い支持を得ている。

Shahani Associates Ltd. は、クライアントに代わり、トップレベルの人材を見出し、ヘッドハント、トレーニングを実施するという構想の下で、2005年に設立されました。
Shahani Associatesは、業界知識を生かし、マーケットをリードすべく努めつつ、クライアントの期待に応えるよう、高レベルの倫理的・道徳的判断を自身に課しています。

How did you get started?

I had a contact at a big Japanese manufacturer and he was setting up a training unit and he called me to ask for help in finding a potential instructor for him. Soon I joined him for a year doing corporate training. I have retained that contract each year since. That was 2004. Anyway, a lot of my old recruitment clients were still in touch with me and asked me to help find people. So I decided to set up my own firm to do recruiting and training. That was 2005.

What is your approach?

We keep in touch with our clients and stay focused on what they want, so that when they have a need, or a good candidate becomes available, we can bring them together. We’re a bit under the radar and we like to stay that way. We know who we need to reach and how to reach that person. 

Which companies do you service?

Our clients are finance companies, and there are always core areas where people are needed. For the insurance sector, we have the Insurance Group, which is run by my experienced and able colleague. It is part of Shahani Associates but is insurance focused.

How do potential clients know if you can help them or not?

I would say give us a call. If your needs are part of our core area (banking or insurance), we can probably help you. We are quick to let people know what we can’t do. We don’t set expectations which we can’t fulfill. This is an important part of building trust. We know the industry and if we can’t help a prospective client, we will be happy to recommend other recruiters. 

What about from a candidate’s point of view?

As a candidate, you should look to see if the recruiter really knows the client. The worst thing you can do is let a recruiter send your CV to a company where it goes into a drawer somewhere and never sees the light of day. A recruiter should be able to tell you about his client’s organization, who the key decision makers are, what the interview process is, explain to you why the job has come about, what would be the risks of working there, the upside and downside. 

How do you approach possible candidates?

As mentioned earlier, we do not advertise and prefer to stay below the radar. We know who we want to reach and do so discreetly and directly. Most of the people we call, in our focused areas, have heard of us. That makes the conversation a lot easier.

Is there much demand for foreign candidates?

The clients we work with hire based on skill sets, so if Japanese is required and there is a foreigner with the right qualifications, they’ll consider him/her.

Tell us about your team.

We attract talent from multiple sources, including the industries we serve. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about the industries they service. We have our own unique best practices that deliver consistent results. 

ココが自慢2012年度金融・証券業界におけるFixed income部門リクルーターとして第1位に選ばれました。

Shahani Associates stands tall in Tokyo
The recruitment consultant was voted the best fixed income recruiter in Japan in ASIAMONEY’s Headhunters Poll 2012. Vikram J Shahani, Managing Director of the company, offers insight as to how he and his team meet the expectations of demanding investment banking clients and talented individuals

Congratulations on being voted the best Fixed Income recruiter for Investment Banking in Tokyo for 2012. You work in a crowded and highly competitive area. How do you believe that your business managed to get voted to the top spot?

Vikram J Shahani [VS]: The straight answer is that we know our market. We truly understand our clients’ businesses, the areas they want to grow in and the career opportunities therein. We are relentless in getting to know and engaging with the relevant candidate pool. This puts us in a very strong position to play an advisory role with both clients and candidates. The result is, more often than not, the candidate we recommend for a role is the best the market can offer.

With so many recruiters calling candidates, why do candidates stick with you?

VS: Based on feedback I get, candidates find our information recent, detailed and relevant. We have a clear reason when we are talking with the candidate. We are sensitive to the candidate’s goals and that is evident in our discussions with them. The idea of ‘Putting People First’ creates clarity of thought and action in the minds of our consultants when engaging candidates.

What is your advice to clients and candidates during the hiring process?

VS: Keep it simple and be as transparent as possible. If there are issues, either on the employer side or the candidate side, flag them upfront and talk about what has been done or is being done to make it better. A good recruiter can add a lot of value in advising and setting up this communication.

You have mentioned that you are a boutique and independent recruitment firm. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage when compared with older and bigger competitors?

VS: Being a boutique firm has a few advantages. We tend to function in fewer areas but our focus is quite deep and we tend to set the industry standard. We are less distracted by virtue of the fact that we are specialists. We don’t enter a market until we are sure we will dedicate resources to be the best for our clients and candidates. Since we rarely advertise and do not participate in public job forums, our consultants are focused on dedicated research that aims to map and reach the best in the market. As a result, the quality of our work benefits tremendously

What trends do you see in the financial markets in the year ahead?

VS: We see softness in the market. Tough times need better performance and results. Better people on your team will make the difference between success and failure. Our dedicated research based candidate sourcing and interview techniques allow us to bring the best human resources to clients who are truly trying to do better and create a brighter tomorrow. We have a lot of faith in the innovative ability of our clients and know that the best years are still to come.

One of your colleagues was voted as the second-best recruiter for Back Office placements. What are your plans for 2012?

We are currently dedicated to Japan and will continue to do our best in fixed income front office and back office. We have started equity recruitment in Japan from the beginning of this year. I am happy to announce that equity clients and candidates can expect the same level of service that our fixed income and back office clients and candidates enjoy. The quality of our work and delivery at the highest possible levels are very important to me. Growth in our next decade will continue to be underpinned by robust effort for high-quality performance



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